Monday, December 28, 2015

4 Ground: Viking Storehouse

I picked this up the other day for playing Saga. The kit went together well, and the roof is removable for placing models inside. Because the Saga game only requires 3 buildings, I decided to put some effort into the painting process here.

I did some research about Viking buildings, and apparently they were left to weather naturally. No oils or paints were applied. If you find out otherwise, let me know. I came up with a weathered wood color scheme and went to work.

I basecoated the building with VMC Basalt Grey. It is a medium/dark grey with a bit of brown in it. Then I painted VMC Leather Brown on some random planks. At this stage I felt as if it needed another color, so I painted some more planks in Light Grey.

I primed the thatch with Vallejo Primer Green Brown. Then I painted it with VMC Gold Brown and drybrushed it VMC Buff.

When the basecoat was dry I applied a thin black wash to all of the wooden parts. 1 part Black Ink to 10 parts water.

After the wash dried, I used Light grey to paint the wood grain pattern. This took awhile. I made some larger swirls, inside which I painted some knots with VMC Black Brown.

I wanted the bottom of the building to look dirty, so I mixed up a thin brown wash (1 part Sepia Ink to 10 parts water) and painted it on the bottom of the planks.

I got ambitious after work today and painted a carving on the lintel with VMC Black Brown. It took 2 tries, but looks decent.

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