Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Imperial Knight Hawkshroud, Complete!

I can't believe how awesome this guy turned out. After the fiasco I had with the liquid mask, I got discouraged, but I kept plucking away. My tenacity paid off in the end.

The base is a bit bland at the moment, but I am planning on adding some more to it once I get back home.

I did a lot of weathering on this guy. I used several different brown and orange washes, Ryza Rust and Verdigris from Vallejo.

You find a lot of writing on the armor and purity seals in the studio art. i thought a good way to add some interest the minor armor plates would be some illuminated letters and some writing / scripture. It adds a lot to the model without much work.

The battle damage is painted on. Not sure if I went overboard with it or not, but I like it.

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