Friday, March 6, 2015

Sonnia Criid

I loved the new Sonnia Criid model enough to buy the box in plastic. I was excited to work on my OSL skills some more. I knew the mask would be an eye catching part where I could have one half be blue steel and the other be red. 

I tried another theory out as well. I used ghost grey to highlight all of the parts that weren't lit by the fire to give them a cold look. I used the Off White to highlight the reds and oranges to keep them warm. I am not sure if it made a noticeable difference, but the theory makes sense. 

Ghost Grey
Off White

Sombre Grey
Charred Brown
Leather Brown

Scarlet Red
Hot Orange

Here she is in the basecoat stage. I was really looking to lay in the base for the OSL.

The fire side is pretty red.

I finished up the greatcoat.

I always find highlighting pants to be hard. I am assuming that these are leather pants, and therefore reflective.

I am saving the NMM and the OSL for last. I did the hair. 

The back of her hair is done.

The NMM on the blue side is done. Now I have to tackle the OSL

I did a google image search of lantern light to figure out how to render it properly.

The close up is a bit blurry, but you can see the two halves of the mask well here.

I used a thin glaze of black on a liner brush to help separate different areas.

I am quite pleased with the results. Now I have to get her on the table and light some things on fire.

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