Friday, February 20, 2015


After giving up on the Rail Golem with the deadline for the Wyrd Painting Contest 3 days away, I drove up to the LGS to sulk. Hanna was back in stock, and the gears in my mind began turning again. My ambition was stoked once more, so I purchased her. That night, I assembled and primed her.

Caution: follow the instructions when you assemble her! I didn't at first and it caused an unsightly seam which I did not have time to fix.

Over the next two days, between work, I painted her up and got her entered in the contest. I probably wont remember all of the colors that I used on her, but I will try my best.

The robot is airbrushed while Hanna herself is hand brushed.

Vallejo Game Air:
Sombre Grey

Vallejo Game Color:
Off White
Charred Brown
Parasite Brown
Hexed Lichen
Sombre Grey
Night Blue
Scarlet Red
Gold Yellow
Livery Green (I think)

Started out with a Sombre Grey basecoat

I added some black to that and sprayed it from underneath.

Added more black and sprayed where the light and dark meet.

I let that dry and cleaned my airbrush. I sprayed white where the highlights would be.

I got Hanna basecoated. I forgot she has blue hair.

I refined the robot some more with the airbrush.

Hanna got her first layer. A lot of people that left comments on her liked the Tome. It is Charred Brown and Scarlet Red.

With the airbrushing done, I added the Hexed Lichen for the OSL

I honestly don't remember if I did any more airbrushing or not. I painted the seat with Charred Brown.

Hanna is getting pretty close to completion. My Freikorp will follow a similar neutral scheme.

I glazed Hexed Lichen on the back half of her.

More Hanna.

I am brightening the OSL. You can see the newspapers here. They are black and khaki, lightened with Off White.

Now that she is mounted, I can do the final OSL and highlights.

I wanted to break up the large metal surfaces with some rust and weathering. This was really hard to do because I was so proud of the NMM. The rust began with a glaze of Charred brown, and I filled it in with Parasite Brown. I added the glaze around each rivet to help them pop.

I think I added mixed some Livery Green, Sombre Grey, and Off White to drybrush the cobblestones with. I didn't want the Sombre Grey cobblestones to blend with the Sombre Grey Robot.

I did some NMM on the book with Charred Brown, Gold Yellow, and Off White. The book cover is Charred Brown, Scarlet Red and Off White.

I did the text and images on the newspaper with Sombre Grey, Black, Khaki, and Off White.

I glazed in the shadow with Hexed Lichen and Black.

I was very happy with the end result of the model, as well as the amount of good comments that it accrued during the contest.

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