Monday, January 5, 2015

The Lone Marshal

I played in a Malifaux tournament this weekend, and I decided to play Guild. I chose Lady Justice as my master, but I wanted to use the Lone Marshal in my crew. He is excellent for putting out accurate ranged damage and completing schemes on the opponents side of the table. I wanted to play an all painted crew, so I had to bust my butt to get this guy done.

I airbrushed the horse, and it is easily the best horse that I ever painted. The paints that I used were all Game Air:

Charred Brown
Beasty Brown
Bone White.

On the rider and the horses eye, and hooves, I used Vallejo Game Color:

Charred Brown
Sombre Grey
Leather Brown
Scarlet Red
Pale Yellow
Terra Cotta
Off White

I used pine bark and grass tufts for the base.

I just started glazing in shadows beneath models. I really like the effect.

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