Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I have been working pretty hard on my gremlin crew lately. This model is so cool looking that I had to do it first. I built the base and glued the gremlin to it. I painted it separately from the Pigapult to make painting the pigapult easier. 

I used the following Vallejo Game colors on this model:

Off White
Goblin Green
Sombre Grey
Pale Flesh
Charred Brown
Scrofulous Brown.

Khaki and Sombre Grey make a good looking 'weathered wood' color.
Like with the Neverborn, adding Pale Flesh to Goblin Green makes realistic gremlin skin. The pale flesh adds a warmth to the other colors that gives them some life. 

My wife pointed out that I forgot to paint his teeth...

Tan and Pale Flesh make a pink flesh color perfect for a pig.

This pig is ready for battle.

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