Friday, January 30, 2015


This sculpt of Pandora is so far superior to the old one. The model went together fairly easily as well. Kylee wanted her Pandora to have purple clothes, which would have clashed with the red hair. I decided that the Turquoise hair would stand out better and complete the palette nicely.

Off White
Hexed Lichen
Charred Brown
Gold Yellow
Squid Pink
Sombre Grey

I wanted to do her clothes brown and her boots black, then I tried it the other way around. In the end, I painted them both black.

I started with her coat. I worked in some turquoise to be reflected light. This coat hasn't had its glaze yet.

I set the pants and boots apart by mixing turquoise into the boot highlights. Its a small change, but it is enough. I also added the OSL to her coat and the ground.

I highlighted her hair in this one. You can notice the reflected highlights on the underside of the coat here. I worked Sombre Grey into the Hexed Lichen.

She is looking a bit pale here. Pale works for creepy thought. I added some OSL to her jawbone and her collar. 

The best part about neverborn is that you never have to paint eyeballs! I painted the box in NMM with Charred Brown, Gold Yellow, and Off White.

You can also see that there is a little sewer grate in the back corner of the base that I missed. Out came the Terracotta. I glazed her shadow with Hexed Lichen and Black, being careful to maintain the OSL on the cobblestones.

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