Friday, January 2, 2015

Mr. Graves

Each Friday I want to post a step by step of a model that I have painted. This week it is Mr. Graves, our cuddly Neverborn friend.

Painting so many unique models made me change my painting approach a bit. Instead of using a large selection of colors and doing no mixing, I am now using a smaller batch of colors and doing a lot of mixing. I find it best to use a wet palette when mixing colors.

The colors I used to paint Mr. Graves are all Vallejo Game Color:

Cold Grey
Charred Brown
Hexed Lichen
Off White
Sombre Grey (only on the base)
Terracotta (only on the base)

Only 6 colors on the figure, and 2 more for the base! I like simple color schemes for Malifaux.

The Suit is a mix of Black and Charred Brown
Shirt is Hexed Lichen and Off White
Fence Post is Cold Grey and Charred Brown

I am using Hexed Lichen mixed with Tan to shade the skin.

I mixed some Hexed Lichen with Sombre Grey to start glazing his shadow down.

Pin Stripes make the Mobster.

I even gave him eyebrows! So menacing.

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