Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I have been a poor blogger for the past two months, but I have been a good painter. I have been commissioned to paint up a Trollblood army for a friend at the FLGS. I began with a couple of warbeasts to warm up a bit.

This is the first time that I painted Rok. I painted his skin with a different technique than normal. I basecoated it in a light blue. (I used Vallejo Game Color Verdigris, but P3 Frostbite or GW Fenrisian Grey would work as well.) I followed that up by a glaze that I mixed 5:5:1 Golden acrylic glazing medium, water, and a darker blue. I then mixed up another glaze with Verdigris, and painted it on the extreme highlights. I will do a step by step when I get a bit more practice with it.

I wanted his axe to be obsidian. I used Dark Reaper for a basecolor, washed with Nuln Oil. I followed it up with highlights of Thunderhawk blue, Fenrisian Grey, and some Baharroth Blue.

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