Monday, June 16, 2014

WIP: The Gorkanaut or possibly Morkanaut

Since it is Ork month for the 40k world I decided to dust off my Orks and turn them into some sort of army. Orks are deceiving at first glance. Their lack luster BS doesn't seem to be worth a second look, but with the large volume of dice that they can throw, they can out shoot a lot of armies.

My Ork army has been lacking a big centerpiece model, and when I saw this guy on the shelf I knew he would fit the bill. Not only is he over 6 inches tall, and carries a ton of weapons, but he is also a troop transport! I am not sure which unit is going to ride in him yet, but I am pumped up to get him on the field.

Here he is so far.

I got lazy and tried to paint him with a brush, but after about an hour, I had to pluck up my courage and get out the airbrush. I still haven't used it enough to be really comfortable with it, especially on a 100 dollar model, but I think it turned out well.

More Orkiness to come.

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