Friday, June 6, 2014

WIP: Frostheart Phoenix

We finally got Tommy a Frostheart Phoenix to finish up his High Elf army. He has been doing a good job painting his troops up, but he wanted me to paint this for a center piece model.

This model can be easy or hard. Of course I chose to do it the hard way. We will see in the end if the extra effort is worth it.

The easy way is to paint it with light colors, wash it, and then drybrush it. I was unhappy with the griffon wings after I drybrushed them. They are more than adequate for tabletop quality pieces, but I want this one to be a notch higher.

The hard way is to paint it like a normal model, basecoat, layer, and highlight each feather! So here it goes.

Colors from top to bottom:

Kantor Blue
Caledor Sky
Temple Guard Blue
Xereus Purple

His beak and legs are Dark Reaper
Feathers are Celestra Grey

Phase 2: Layer colors from top to bottom.

Altaioc Blue
Teclis Blue
Baharroth Blue
Genestealer Purple

Beak and Legs got layered with Thunderhawk Blue
Feathers were layered with Ulthuan Grey

More to come

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