Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Empire: Demigryph Knights

I love monsters, and I love cavalry, so obviously I love these guys.

I am having trouble getting that banner to stay on the pole. After knocking it off and gluing it on 3 times, I gave up and just took the picture.

My main complaint with these models is the Demigryph barding. I thought it was too busy. It was a great chance to build up a nice bit of shading and highlighting, but it was filled with relief carvings.

I painted the bodies with XV 88, Balor Brown, and Ungor Flesh to look as closely as possible to a lion.

I painted the heads with Celestra Grey and White Scar to look like a bald eagle.

I took 500 points of the Empire to a slow grow league at the LGS and the Averland color scheme is a big hit.

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