Monday, June 2, 2014

Dreadball: Locust City

I have started getting a wide variety of commissions lately, and Dreadball is the newest. I painted up this team for Bud, one of the owners of Flatland Games here in MI. These guys are from Starship Troopers or District 9 or something.

They were pretty easy to paint because they don't have any large surfaces that need to be shaded and highlighted well. I went for a buggy, grasshopper green instead of the ochre color on the box art. I used Army Painter paints:

Basecoat: 1:1 Army Green / Desert Yellow
Wash: Athonian Camoshade
Drybrush: Underhive ash

Claws/Fangs/ Etc..: Uniform Grey
Wash: Nuln Oil
Drybrush: Longbeard Grey

Eyes: Pure Red.

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