Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rivet Wars: Riflemen Tutorial

I completed all 9 of the Allied Riflemen between commissions this week. I am using Army Painter paints and GW shades.

1. I painted the gaiters with Necrotic Flesh.

Helmet: Army Green
Uniform: Desert Yellow
Skin: 1/1 Tanned Flesh/ Army Green
Leather: Fur Brown
Rifle: Oak Brown
Metal: Uniform Grey
Base: 1/1 Uniform Grey/ Matt Black

Helmet: 2/1 Army Green/ Necrotic Flesh
Uniform: 2/1 Desert Yellow/ Skeleton Bone
Skin: Tanned Flesh

A top view of the helmet. I am painting with very thin layers and using a second brush to blend the colors out.

Eyes: Matt Black
Uniform: 1/1 Desert Yellow/ Skeleton Bone
Skin: 2/1 Tanned Flesh/ Skeleton Bone

Another helmet view.

Helmet: Pin wash of Athonian Camoshade
Uniform: Pin wash of Seraphim Sepia
Skin: Pin wash of Reikland Fleshshade
Leather: wash of Reikland Fleshhade
Rifle: Agrax Earthshade

Pin washes are targeted washes just in the creases and textured areas. It saves your highlights and a lot of shade.

Helmet: Necrotic Flesh
Uniform: 1/1 Desert Yellow/ Skeleton Bone
Skin: 1/1 Tanned Flesh/ Skeleton Bone
Leather: 1/1 Fur Brown/ Skeleton Bone
Eyes: Dot of Matt White
5 o clock Shadow: 1/1 Uniform Grey/ Tanned Flesh

I start highlighting the base by drybrushing Uniform grey diagonally across each corner. Try to leave the dark grey in the center of each side.

Then I drybrush Ash Grey across each corner. This drybrush is smaller than the last one.

I thinned down Fur Brown and added to the base for a rust effect.

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