Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blightun Infantry

Had a bit of a hectic week and weekend, but finally got all of the Blightun Infantry painted up.

Here are the colors that I used to create a German themed infantryman. I am using Army Painter paints with Citadel washes.

1. Basecoat

Skin: 1/1 Barbarian Flesh/ Wolf Grey
Helmet/Metal: Uniform Grey
Greatcoat: Wolf Grey
Trim: 1/1 Desert Yellow/ Monster Brown
Webbing: Black
Brass: Fur Brown
Panzerfaust: 1/1 Dragon Red / Wolf Grey

Sorry about the blurry pic, the rest are better!

2. First Layer

Skin: Barbarian Flesh
Helmet/Metal: 2/1 Uniform Grey / White
Greatcoat: 2/1 Wolf Grey/ White
Trim: Desert yellow
Brass:Desert yellow
Panzerfaust: Dragon Red

3. Second Layer

Skin: 2/1 Barbarian Flesh/ Skeleton Bone
Helmet/Metal: 1/1 Uniform Grey / White
Greatcoat: 1/1 Wolf Grey / White
Brass: Greedy Gold
Webbing: 2/1 Uniform Grey / Black
Panzerfaust: 1/1 Dragon Red / Barbarian Flesh

4. Washes

Helmet and Panzerfaust: Nuln Oil
Greatcoat: Drakenhof Nightshade
Skin, Hair, and Brass: Reikland Fleshshade
Rocket: Carroburg Crimson

5. Details

Skin: 1/1 Skeleton Bone/ Barbarian Flesh
Helmet/Metal: Oak Brown for rust
Greatcoat: 1/1 Wolf Grey/ WHite
Trim: 1/1 Desert Yellow / Skeleton Bone

I drybrushed the lower half of the model with Terminatus Stone to add a bit of weathering.

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