Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rivet Wars!

I recently bought the board game called Rivet Wars by Cool Mini or Not. It is a blend between a board game and a tabletop war game set in a dystopian, World War 1, steampunk world. The art is eye catching with chibi style figures.

The game looks fun to play, and reading through the rules, it looks simple enough as well. Hopefully I will be able to get a few games of it in this weekend.

I decided to use my Army Painter paints for these models. I was tempted to break of my Vallejo paints from Flames of War, but I figured I might run the risk of being too historically accurate. I got three infantry from each faction glued to a block and primed and worked up my color schemes.

Full tutorials to come soon.

The brave Allied Riflemen. Clearly based upon US and British soldiers in WW1. The are armed with an Enfield rifle that is good against low armor targets but not against anything else. I gave them all 5 o clock shadows and shoulder patches. The shoulder patch is from the 29th Infantry.

The stalwart Blightun Infantry. Obviously based upon the Germans in WW1. The Germans began WW1 in the dark blue uniform before switching to the Field Grey color. I chose to paint them blue, so I used the Wolf Grey from AP. I wanted the color schemes to have different colors for cloth and armor, so their helmet is Uniform grey. They are armed with the Panzerfaust, which isn't very good against low armor targets, but excels at killing tougher things.

Step by Step tutorials and more models to come!

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