Monday, March 17, 2014

More Ogres

I played in the Michigan Cup warmachine tournament this past weekend. Your 3 man team got extra points if all of your models were painted. The night before I found out that I needed to paint 18 infantry models, 1 light warjack, and 3 heavy warjacks! I started at 9 pm and got them all basecoated by 1 am. Knowing that I had a 12 hour tourney the next morning, I decided that the basecoat was acceptable and went to sleep.

I got in 5 good games of warmachines, and went 3-2, which isn't too bad considering I have only been getting about 2 games of warmachines each month. The high point of the day was when I beat haley 2 with my severius 1 list.

Of course, those hastily painted models are too poor to blog about at the moment, but I did finish basing some ogres that Matthew painted up.

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