Sunday, March 23, 2014

More GW Forests

I made a deal down at the game store to paint up all of their forests in exchange for a pile of used Skaven.

I painted the first one up with green foliage. I painted the rocks with Ceramite White and washed them with Nuln Oil. It made a good light grey to contrast with the rest of the forest.

I came up with a simpler way to paint the leaves. I painted the leaves with a mid tone of the color, then added in some light leaves and some dark leaves.

I basecoated the leaves with Averland Sunset, then picked out the light leaves with Flash Gitz yellow and the dark leaves with XV-88. I drybrushed the leaves with Hexios Palesun.

I basecoated the leaves with Troll Slayer Orange, then used Bestigor Flesh for the light colors and Doombull brown for the dark leaves. Then I drybrushed everything with Kindleflame.

Only four more to go!

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