Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dwarf Hammerers

After the new dwarf book hit I decided to dust off my old dwarves and bolster their numbers with some new pieces. The Hammerers always seemed like a cool unit, but I never wanted to buy them in metal. I was pretty excited when they came out with a plastic set of them.

I bought 2 boxes of them and put them on the battlefield a couple of times. They are deadly! I knew they were going to be a permanent addition to my army, so I got to work painting them.

My dwarf color scheme is mainly metals and a light olive green. I wanted to add a bit more color to it, so I gave half of the dwarves a red armor. Now they are Christmas dwarves, tease them if you dare.

There are only 18 of them because my general is carried to battle by shieldbearers, and takes up two spaces. I turned the other two into Longbeards.

Here is the Hammerer Command

One of the dwarf clans is from Karak Ungor, and they were driven from their home by goblins and skaven. Their home is now called red eye mountain. I made up a simple rune for their banners to represent it. I tried not to make it look too much like Mount Doom.

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