Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TK Horsemen

Apologies for the long break, I had some Flickr issues due to my wife....

Since finishing my Skaven army (buying it, not painting it) I started building up Tomb Kings. I'm actually going to paint everything up before I buy more this time!

Tomb Kings are extremely easy to paint. The strength of their appearance is going to come from a brightness contrast between the large swaths of bone color and their scant war gear.

I chose a very limited palette of colors for the army.

Bone: Basecoat with Army Painter Spray : Skeleton Bone
Washed with Seraphim Sepia
Overbrushed with Screaming Skull
Drybrushed with Praxetti White.

Wood: Basecoat with Mechanicus Standard Grey
Washed with Agrax Earthshade

Cloth: Basecoat with Dryad Bark
Washed with Agrax Earthshade
Layered with Gothor Brown
High Lighted with Baneblade Brown

Bronze: Basecoat with Warplock Bronze
Layered with Sycorax Bronze
Drybrushed with Necron Steel

Gold: Basecoat with Balthasar Gold
Layered with Ghenna's Gold
Drybrushed with Griffon Gold

Red: Basecoat with Khorne Red
Layered with Wazdakka Red
Highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone

Black: Basecoat with Abbadon Black
Layered with Dark Reaper
Highlighted with Russ Grey

Base: Armageddon Dust
Drybrushed with Tyrant Skull
(This is the second bottle of Armageddon Dust that I have purchased, and both of them are far too dry. I have to add water to these just to use them. This is the only texture paint that I have had trouble with.)

Here is my first completed unit, the Tomb Kings Horsemen.

These guys seem pretty terrible on the battlefield. That isn't going to stop me from using them though. Unlike the foot soldiers, cavalry can never benefit from a Tomb Kings Weapon Skill, meaning that they will always be more pitiful than a goblin at fighting.

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