Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Potion Shop: Complete

The problem with buying nice terrain is that all of the terrain that you scratch build has to be just as good as the purchased pieces. I have put in many hours on these three buildings so far, and I still have many more to go. I opted to finish the potion shop first, because it doesn't have any dormers on it.

I raided my bitz bin and found the extra branches from the forest, the ivy, and the crow.  I sculpted the stone walls, the stained glass, and the chimney from Sculpey 3. I rolled out the sculpy to around 1/16" and then sculpted everything with a small screwdriver. After I baked it, i glued it onto the structure.

I basecoated the shingles with XV-88. Then I painted some with Tallarn Sand, some with Baneblade Brown and some with Balor Brown. Then I washed the entire thing with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed it with Hexios Palesun.

I thought that an herb garden would be a good touch for a potion shop. I wanted to add some mushrooms to it, but I couldn't find any in my bitz bin. I have a plan to make them, but I haven't gotten around to it  yet.

This is the back of the shop. To make the ground more realistic and interesting. I gave it several different layers. I made a blend of fine flock for the base, and then added two colors of static grass, followed by a mixture of coarse flock and then some thistle.

This pic is a bit dark, but i drew a potion on the little wooden sign out front. I painted the stones on the wall with Dawnstone, Stormvermin fur, and Baneblade Brown. The stones around the door and window are painted Administratum Grey.

The Blacksmith Shop is coming soon.

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