Thursday, January 2, 2014

Order Sergeants

I hammered away on my Military Orders Inifinity force over New Years and am nearly done with them. I tried to organize them into a 300 pt force, but I may need to buy a couple more models to make the points work out.

The Order Sergeants are the basic line troops of the Military Orders forces. They are armed with a Combi Rifle and boast a good shooting skill like the rest of Pan Oceana. The trooper in the middle is a Specialist Sergeant and he is carrying a sniper rifle.

I like the small scale of Infinity for many reasons. I want to make a good display board to hold my 300pt force when I am at the game store. I am debating on whether to make it 'Ruined Temple' themed so their bases blend in or to buy a nice piece of wood and make a raised wooden dais recessed to hold them.

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