Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kreoss 3

Some of the Vengers had broken lances that needed repairing, so I decided to tackle Kreoss 3 first. I painted him in the ochre scheme to help him stand out from the Vengers that will be in the bone color.

I painted the ground with Dawnstone,  just like I did on the Fire of Salvation. The extra contrast it provides really improves the model.

I wasn't sure what color to paint the lance. After remembering that he has Divine Inspiration, I decided to make it a glowing orange color to represent the divine justice that it dishes out!

A good way to paint black fur or hair is to basecoat it black, drybrush it light grey (in this case with Longbeard Grey) and then put a black wash over top of it.  (Nuln Oil) The wash tones down the grey a bit and cleans up any sloppy drybrushing.

I also glazed his armor with Seraphim Sepia after it was painted to bring out some of the smaller details that got covered up. I am pleased with the effect.

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