Wednesday, December 18, 2013

WIP: Scratch Built Town

I want a few more buildings for Warhammer Fantasy, but I don't want to keep buying Grail Chapels and converting them. Unfortunately for me, since I have wonderful looking GW terrain, any piece of terrain that I build has to look just as good.

I had some pieces of 1/4" plywood left from a project, and decided that it would make a good structure for the buildings.

I think three more buildings will be enough to suggest a town on the gaming table. I am going to build an Inn, a Blacksmith, and a Potion Shop. I wanted each building to have its own unique shape. A bunch of 3"x5" rectangular buildings would be pretty boring.

Since the terrain in Warhammer Fantasy is dynamic, I came up with some home brewed rules for these three pieces.

Blacksmith Shop: All units within 6" have Armor Piercing! This may apply only to melee attacks...

Inn: I could play this as a Dwarf Brewhouse, but I like home brewing things. A unit in control of the Inn rolls a d6

          1. Unit suffers from Stupidity
          2-5. Unit gains Stubborn
          6. Unit gains Frenzy

Potion Shop: A hero in control of the potion shop may gain a potion during his turn. Roll a d6.

          1. Mistake: Hero suffers 1 automatic wound, no saves allowed.
          2. Potion of Speed: Hero gains +3 Initiative until the end of the turn.
          3. Potion of Strength: Hero gains +3 Strength until the end of the turn,.
          4. Potion of Toughness: Hero gains +3 Toughness until the end of the turn.
          5. Healing Potion: Hero regains d6 Wounds
          6. Deadly Mistake: Hero suffers 1 wound and cannot act for the rest of the turn.

Here are a bunch of corners glued up. It is much easier to glue up each building in 2 steps instead of 1.

If you have any clamps, they can come in handy. The Potion Shop is in the wooden clamp.

Here is the Inn. I made it 2 stories so it stands out from the rest of the buildings. I still have to tie the two roofs together. I am going to make a swinging sign for it, and a big chimney. I may add a couple of dormers into the roof.

This is going to be the blacksmith shop. I know its just a basic rectangle right now. I plan to add a post and beam lean-to on the side and put the anvil and forge underneath it.

I wanted the potion shop to be unconventional, like an eccentric hermit designed it. I think it will have a foundation made of rocks. An herb garden on the base with it would add a realistic touch.

If anybody is interested in the dimensions, I would be happy to post them.

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