Saturday, December 14, 2013

WIP: Plague Furnace

Now that the Mammoth is done I can get back to work on my Skaven. I broke the Plague Furnace down into four pieces. I nearly have the structure basecoated, but I couldn't resist finishing the Plague Priest that rides it into battle.

I have been playing with a Plague Priest on foot. I'm excited to see the power that the furnace will bring to the table.

His robes are basecoated with Deathworld Forest, then layered with Straken Green, and layered again with Nurgling Green. They are highlighted with Ushabti Bone.

The Censer flame is basecoated with Waaaagh! Flesh, then layered with Warboss Green, then layered again with Skarsnik Green. I added a drop of white to the Skarsnik Green for the final highlights.

The gem is Caliban Green. I lined all of the edges with Warpstone Glow. I painted a finer line with Moot Green, and finished by putting a dot of White Scar at all of the corners on the gems.

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