Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rin Farrah

I got my second Relic Knight model finished up while waiting for highlights to dry on the Mammoth. She is from a different faction from Isabeau.

I painted her with Army Painter Warpaints as well. Her studio scheme called for oranges and yellows, so I gave the AP colors a second chance. Neither Daemonic Yellow or Lava Orange can compare to their GW counterparts, but they can be used.

When doing to basecoat, I mixed Daemonic Yellow and Desert Yellow to add some opacity. I added Fur Brown to the Lava Orange.

When doing highlights, I begin with 3:1 Daemonic Yellow: Skeleton Bone, and then add more skeleton bone as I go. This maintains the yellow color while adding some much needed opacity. I did the same process for Lava Orange, except I used Matt White instead of Skeleton Bone.

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