Monday, December 16, 2013

Plague Furnace

When I started building the Skaven, I knew that I wanted this model to be the centerpiece of my army. It is pretty simple to paint. I used a lot of neutral colors to make the green warp-smoke pop.

I painted the main wooden structure with Stormvermin Fur, and added some accent planks with Gorthor Brown and Baneblade Brown.

I basecoated all of the metal in Rhinox Hide. It is a good base color that can become old iron or bronze.

I didn't glue the front spikes on when I assembled it, and I can't seem to find them now...

Here are the Plague Monks that swing the censer. I added a lot of rust and corrosion to the model.

The Warp Smoke is basecoated with Waaaagh! Flesh, then layered with Warboss Green, and layered again with Skarsnik Green. I bought one of the new edge paints, Gauss Blaster Green, and used it for the final highlights.

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