Sunday, December 8, 2013

NMM: New Metal Method?

After 11 months of painting with the Non Metallic Metals Technique, I believe I have a pretty good grasp of its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Very eye catching contrasts
  • Need fewer paints to finish models
  • All flat paints means that you don't need 2 pots of water (1 for flats, 1 for metallics)
  • Takes more layers of paint to make the effect
  • Takes more skill to perform
  • Very hard to use on small details

After experimenting with various color palettes and techniques, I came up with a variant method to paint metals that combines NMM with metallic paints. 

  • High contrast like NMM
  • Only requires 2 colors of metallic paints (one silver, one gold)
  • You can build up many layers on large surfaces, or use only 1 layer on small details
  • Takes less skill than NMM
  • Still takes several layers to achieve
  • Need 2 pots of water (or do all of your flat painting work before you highlight the metals)
  • Takes more time than the typical metal, wash, drybrush..
Lets take a look at Mark's Mammoth while I perform this technique. All paints are Army Painter Warpaints.

1. The gold areas are basecoated with Oak Brown and washed with Strong Tone.

2. I work up the gold with 1:1 Greedy Gold and Oak Brown. I am going for about 75% coverage here.

3. I add another layer with 2:1 Greedy Gold and Oak Brown (66% coverage)

4. I add a layer of Greedy Gold (about 50% coverage)

5. A final highlight of 1:1 Greedy Gold and Shining Silver. Only on the edges, points, and corners

This guy is starting to look pretty good! I think it strikes a good balance between the two schools of metals. Next time I will paint up the silver metallics using the same techniques.

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