Thursday, December 12, 2013

Mammoth Complete! Also NMM Steel

I have some Warmachine games scheduled with Mark tomorrow, so I had to buckle down and get his Mammoth done. Now I only have 2 more huge models hanging over my head...

I am pleased with the results of my new NMM technique. Here is a step-by-step on the steel pieces on the Mammoth.

1. I got excited and forgot to take the first picture. I basecoated all of the steel areas with 1:1 Black / Uniform Grey.

2. I start the layering with 2:1 Shining Steel / Black

3.  I add another layer with 3:1 Shining Steel / Black

4. I add a final highlight of Shining Steel.

I am going to let Mark finish his base to match the rest of his army.

I think Mark's color scheme works well with the red skin that I came up with.

I thought green gems would be the best compliment to the color scheme. The gems are angel green and white.

I am glad to be done with him...on to the Plague Furnace!

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