Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Grail Chapel

I have had this basecoated for awhile, and got inspired after this weekends game to finally get it finished. I really like the way terrain interacts with the gameplay in Warhammer Fantasy.

The walls of the Chapel and the Watchtower are covered with little holes and cracks. Trying to maintain them all in the finished product will drive you insane. I attempted to do it with no success. After basecoating and washing the walls, I drybrushed layers and layers of Ushabti bone on them. Not only did I still manage to cover up some of the details, I couldn't get the brightness that I was going for. Instead, focus on maintaining the major cracks and your life will be much more simple.

I have four colors of bricks on this piece. I basecoated the brick areas with Mournfang Brown. Then I painted individual bricks with Skrag Brown, Deathclaw Brown, and Doombull Brown. They were washed with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed with Kindleflame.

I got crazy enough to individually paint the shingles as well! I think they look great. I basecoated the roof with The Fang, and then washed the roof with Drakenhoff Nightshade. Using a drybrush, I individually painted the shingles with Russ Grey, Thunderhawk Blue, and Hoeth Blue. Then I drybrushed the area with Etherium Blue.

I will be scratch-building some houses similar to this in the near future. Still brainstorming some ideas for making the details like bricks and windows.

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