Sunday, November 17, 2013

WIP: Mammoth!

I am painting up this Mammoth for my good friend Mark. This may be worse to paint than the Vessel of Judgement.

Mark's Skorne are painted using the Black Dragon IFP paint scheme, so I painted the Mammoth to match. Each of his warbeasts has a different skin color, so he gave me free-rein on the skin tone.

I like making Gargantuan's and Colossal's crashing over their enemies, so I made a Circle-inspired rune base for the Mammoth to destroy.

I think I am going to put some other rocks around the edge of the base, but I wanted to get the majority of the base done before I put this giant dude on it.

Here is the Mammoth so far.

I am using Army Painter paints on this model. The red skin worries me at the moment, but I think it will look good when the model is all done.

I am pretty sure this guy is gonna have trouble getting into melee range.

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