Saturday, November 30, 2013

Relic Knights: Isabeau Durand

I had to take a break from the Mammoth, and the best way to clear your head is to paint hot chicks.

There aren't very many models released for the game yet, but the game looks pretty cool. The rules are available as a free download from

Like the other models from Soda Pop, the Relic Knights are fantastic looking.

Because the game has so few models, I want to put each one on a custom base. I sculpted this one for Isabeau. I stole the pattern of circles from her sword.

I am using Army Painter Warpaints on this model. I also used the washes from GW.

Basecoat Colors

Hair               1:1 Goblin Green, Daemonic Yellow
Cloth             1:1 Gobling Green, Crystal Blue
Armor           1:1 Ash Grey
Skin              1:1 Barbarian Flesh
Metal            1:1 Uniform Grey, Matt Black

On single models, after I basecoat and wash, I work up one area at a time until it is complete and then move onto the next area. I add the highlight color, one drop at a time into the basecoat color.

Highlight Colors

Hair:              Skeleton Bone
Skin              Skeleton Bone
Cloth             Matt White
Armor           Matt White
metal             Platemail followed by Shining Silver.

More to come.

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