Sunday, November 3, 2013

Painting Patches

Matthew was wondering if he could make his ogres even more rag tag looking by painting their clothes as if they were all patched together. While we decided that it was too much work to do on regular troops, we put a few patches here and there in his army.

I figured out a simple method of painting patches and decided to blog the process while I was instructing him.

Step 1: Paint the Patch.

I paint a square of Mephiston Red on this Leadbelchers pants.

Step 2: Outline

I use a small detail brush to outline the patch with Dryad Bark and paint in the stitches. Try not to make the stitches to uniform.

Step 3: Highlight

After this model got washed, I highlighted everything up. I had to grab the Army Painter 'Insane Detail' brush to paint the stitches inside the previous ones. I used Screaming Skull.

A simple way to add some more character to a unit.

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