Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nihilakh Oxide

As many of you have noticed, Games Workshop has just released 5 or 6 new technical paints to bolster their line. While I already have a solution to all of them using standard paints, I decided to give them a try.

I have been painting up a bunch of GW terrain lately, as I recently purchased their 'Sorcerer's Realm' terrain pack. One of the pieces has a chaos throne on top of it, and it seemed to me a great place to try the new oxide paint.

The Oxide paint has an ink-like consistency, so I washed the entire metallic area with it...bad idea. This is what it ends up looking like.

I have to hand it to GW, this is pretty realistic in terms of oxidized bronze, but not terrific for gaming. I should have applied it to the crevasses where the oxidization would naturally gather.

Luckily, drybrushing can cure nearly every painting woe, so after a healthy drybrush of Sycorax Bronze, I ended up with this.

It looks pretty good. I probably need to go back in with some ink and add some definition back in.

Thoughts: good product when applied sparingly!

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