Friday, November 29, 2013

Necron Overlord and Crystal Tutorial

I had a bit of store credit at the game store and decided to pick up an Overlord for my future Necron army with it (only like 130 orks to go...) He came with a neat crystal formation for his base. I don't have much experience painting crystal shapes, but I gave it a go anyways.

1. I started out with a basecoat of Caliban Green.

2. I painted about 60% of each crystal facet with Warpstone Glow. This took me 2 coats.

3. I filled in 60% of the warpstone with Moot Green

4. I drybrushed the cluster with Hellion Green. If you were an awesome painter, you would edge highlight each of the ridges....I would have, but I didn't have the new green edge I took the easy way out with a drybrush.

5. I used the yellow GW glaze on the entire cluster to help blend everything together.

Necrons are easy to paint. I added a white dot on all of the intersections of the crystals. I think it looks better. I was using the Astrogranite texture on all of the 40k bases, but I decided that the board would be too bland if the ground was grey. Here I mainly used Armageddon Dust with a couple of patches of Astrogranite.

Looks like I forgot to clean up the rim...

I went with purple for my necron color. I used the purple edge paint to trace around each pauldron.

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