Thursday, November 14, 2013

Garden of Moor Mausoleum

I got another piece of terrain done while waiting for layers to dry on the Mammoth. This is a small building from the Gardens of Moor set by GW.

I'm still putting some effort into the scenery. I used four different colors on the pavers here. Dawnstone, The Fang, Stormvermin Fur, and Skavenblight Dirge. After a wash with Agrax Earthshade I drybrushed the stones with Longbeard Grey.

The roof is supposed to be tarnished copper, so i basecoated it in Dryad Bark. Then I started adding the corrosion with thin Sotek Green. I finished the corrosion with some Temple Guard Blue. Where the roof wasn't tarnished, I drybrushed some Runelord Brass on it.

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