Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snowy Base

Since the Ogre Kingdoms is the first army my cousin Matthew has ever painted, I laid out some simple steps to get his army looking tabletop ready as fast as possible. Among these is a winter themed base that doesn't need anything but paint.

The bases that the Ogres come on have a fine texture to them, so I knew they would be perfect for drybrushing.

I'm using Army Painter War Paints for this, but I will lay out a GW paint sequence as well.

Over the Steel Legion Drab base, I paint splotches of Wolf Grey. (GW: Russ Grey)

I add a drop of white paint to the Wolf Grey on my palette and add some more patches (GW: Fenrisian Grey)

I add another drop of white paint to the mix and add a final layer of patches (GW: Ulthuan Grey)

I finish the base up by drybrushing the base with white, give the edges more attention than the middle. I clean up the rim with Steel Legion Drab to finish the model.

The layers of color beneath the final drybrush add depth and realism to the base while keeping it very simple.

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