Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ogre Prototype

Since I am helping Matthew out with his Ogre Kingdoms army, I painted up one of his ogres for him to show him the basic steps and to test out the color scheme that we worked up for his forces.

This is the basecoated ogre with a wash of Agrax Earthshade on it. Matthew chose to make his army from the Sabretusk Tribe and wanted his ogres to have blue skin. Knowing one color, we made a triad to determine his other main colors: Yellow and Purple (Dryad Bark is in the purple family if you ask me)

Matthew chose to do the pants in the Empire style with two different colors. More on that when he gets his first regiment painted up.

I couldn't come up with a sequence of GW colors to make realistic looking blue skin, so I had to rely on the Army Painter Warpaints. 2 parts Skeleton Bone and 1 part Electric blue gave us a good looking bluish skin.

The iron and steel is basecoated in Dryad bark and then edged with Ironbreaker and given a final highlight of Runefang steel. The resulting look is a dark, tarnished metal that contrasts well with the skin.

We kept the yellow areas patchy to make them look well worn.

Don't forget the stitches! I opted for some fine highlights on the pants to keep the colors grubby but still let them pop.

Now lets see if the ogres that he paints can match up to this guy!

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