Friday, October 18, 2013

Ogre Kingdoms Firebelly, Finished

It took more time than I thought, but I finally finished the Firebelly for Matthew.

I am impressed with the Army Painter War Paints so far. They have good coverage and the range of colors has a lot of mixing potential. Also, dropper bottles are amazing.

I had to leave the model fairly dark so the glow effect would really pop. The sword on his back is a good example of my new metal technique.

Here is a shot of the snowy base. Over the Monster Brown base, I painted a few patches of Wolf Grey. I added some white to the Wolf Grey and painted a few more patches. I added another drop of white to that and added patches once again. Then I drybrushed the entire base with pure white. I will do a step by step when Matthew finishes up his first Ogre unit.

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