Monday, October 21, 2013

Infinity: Yu Jing Celestial Guard

I recently moved into a new house, and the same week that I moved, a new gaming store opened up in the next town over. (Flatland Games in Wixom, MI) Infinity is the favorite game of one of the store owners.

The website for the game is  if you are inclined to check it out.

Infinity is a true skirmish game. Most of the gameplay uses less than 10 models per player! I won't go into a bunch of detail on the game, but a cousin and I each bought a starter box last week and we have 5 games under our belts now. I bought the Pan Oceana Starter box, and he bought the Yu Jing Starter box.

This is the first model that I completed for the game. It is the Celestial Guard for the Yu Jing. He is standing on a Micro Arts Studio Urban Rubble base. He is painted with the Army Painter War Paints.

I will have more infinity models this week!

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