Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I started painting up the basic line troops of Pan Oceana, the Fusiliers. I wanted the paint scheme to be different than the Knights, so I gave them yellow-brown pants to maintain the military uniform look while adding a splash of color.

Because we plan on playing the Campaign: Paradiso, I mounted them on Alien Temple bases from Micro Art Studios.

Many of the colors are the same ones that I used on the Knight Hospitaler. You may notice that the blue armor is now basecoated with a 1:1 ratio of Deep Blue and Wolf Grey. I noticed after painting the Knight that a darker basecoat would provide me with more contrast and depth.


Blue Armor:                      1:1 Deep Blue/Wolf Grey
Grey Armor Trim:             1:1 Uniform Grey/ Ash Grey
Beret:                               Deep Blue
Pants:                              1:1 Desert Brown/Monster Brown
Webbing, Gun                  Matt Black
Skin:                               Barbarian Flesh
Boots, Gloves, Earpiece    Uniform Grey
Hair:                               Oak Brown

Purple Base:                    1:1 Alien Purple/ Monster Brown
Grey Base:                      1:1 Uniform Grey/Monster Brown
Ground:                          GW Stirland Mud

Wash:                             Strong Tone

I got ambitious and painted eyes!

First Layer:

Blue Armor:                      Wolf Grey
Grey Armor Trim:             Ash Grey
Beret:                               1:1 Deep Blue/ Matt White
Pants:                              Desert Brown
Webbing, Gun                  Uniform Grey (Drybrushed)
Skin:                               1:1 Barbarian Flesh/ Skeleton Bone
Boots, Gloves, Earpiece    Uniform Grey

Purple Base:                    1:1:1 Alien Purple/Monster Brown/ Matt White
Grey Base:                      2:1 Ash Grey/Monster Brown
Ground:                          Army Green (Drybrushed)

Second Layer:

Blue Armor:                      1:1 Wolf Grey/ Matt White
Grey Armor Trim:             1:1 Ash Grey/Matt White
Beret:                               1:2 Deep Blue/ Matt White
Pants:                              1:1 Desert Brown/Skeleton Bone
Skin:                               1:2 Barbarian Flesh/ Skeleton Bone
Eye:                                Matt White mixed with a touch of the skin tone
Pupil:                              Oak Brown

Purple Base:                    1:1:2 Alien Purple /Monster Brown/White (Edge)
Grey Base:                      2:1:1 Ash Grey /Monster Brown/ White

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