Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bad Moon Boyz

I have to admit, my models are all over the map this month...

I was sucked into playing some Warhammer 40k with a cousin recently, and even though we are doing small battles (750 pts), I decided to fill out the Space Ork army that I had lying around. Unfortunately, it takes a pile of Orks to reach 1500 or 1850 pts, so I have a lot of Boyz to get painted. 

These are the first batch of my Bad Moon Boyz. Why Bad Moon Boys, you ask? Its because I don't have a yellow army yet...

Since they don't have a specific color scheme, my Bad Moon Boyz are mostly grey and black with yellow armor and some red accents. I think the limited palette will make the yellow really stand out on the gaming tables.

Da Boyz are the first in my experiment with a new painting technique to quickly paint up piles of troops. These are painted with GW colors. 

I will do a step by step post when I recreate this color scheme with the Army Painter range. 

5 Boyz down, 145 more to go!

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