Saturday, October 26, 2013

Army Painter Review: Ork Boyz

I got 6 orks painted up with the Army Painter War Paints. This photo shows them in their basecoated stage. I will lay out the colors that I used to basecoat them.

Cloth:                                     Uniform Grey
Boots, Belts, Pouches:             1:1 Uniform Grey and Black
Metal:                                    1:1:1 Uniform Grey, Black, Oak Brown
Yellow:                                  1:1 Daemonic Yellow and Desert Yellow
Red:                                      1:1 Pure Red and Dragon Red
Skin:                                     Greenskin

I washed them with the Strong Tone Ink. From my experience with their Quick Shades products, I knew that the Strong Tone would be the most versatile ink, so it was the only one that I purchased.

Here they are in their highlighted glory.

They look pretty good. The highlights I used are as follows.

Cloth, straps, belts, boots, pouches, etc, didn't get a highlight. I have 150 of these dudes to paint....

Metal, first layer:                 1:1 Uniform Brown / Plate Mail
Metal, second layer:             Shining Silver

Red, first layer:                   Pure Red
Red, Second layer:              1:1 Pure Red, Skeleton Bone

Skin, first layer:                  Goblin Green
Skin, second layer:              1:1 Goblin Green, Necrotic Flesh

Yellow, first through third layer:  Daemonic Yellow!!!!!!

That is right, it took 3 layers of Daemonic yellow on their armor, and it still looks bad. The Daemonic Yellow has very poor coverage. Yellow is a tough color to give opacity, but this is nearly useless. Even over a yellow/brown basecoat I couldn't build up the obnoxious Bad Moon color that I was looking for.

To sum up my experience with the Army Painter Warpaints so far:

Every Color except Daemonic Yellow is awesome.
Daemonic Yellow is a waste of money. I am going to try Reaper or continue using GW.

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