Monday, July 1, 2013

Ghostly Cryx

Well, my painting break lasted longer than I thought it would, but I am back now. I will try to get at least 2 posts per week from now on..I got a bit burnt out trying to post everyday. Now onto the good stuff.

Our gaming groups Cryx collection is shared by 3 of us who have all contributed some models. Brice, our current Iron Lich, and I have been experimenting with paint schemes to unify the necrotic hordes that we possess.

This is a scheme that I concocted to make the models appear ghostly. Truthfully, I wanted a paint scheme that was fast to paint, had high contrast, and still had a Cryxian feel when it was all over. This technique is almost entirely drybrushing and glazing.

1. The model is basecoated in Mechanicus Standard Grey. The robes are basecoated in Celestra Grey. I painted the top 1/4 of the model, and part of the halberd, and the top of the shield, with Abaddon Black.  I painted the bottom half of the robes with Ulthuan grey.

2. I drybrushed the top half of the model with Etherium Blue, and the bottom half with Praxetti White.

3.I glazed the model with equal parts GW Blue and Green Glaze. Their names escape me at the moment

4. I basecoated the bones with Death World Forest. Then I overbrushed them with Screaming Skull. I drybrushed them with Praxetti White.

5. Here is the minimum unit. I think they look pretty striking on the battlefield.

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