Thursday, July 18, 2013


I bought a small force of Gatormen used at my LGS awhile ago, and started experimenting with color schemes. I was going for a high contrast, yet monochromatic palette, using 2 different greens. The underside of the gator is yellow/green, and the scales on top are a blue green.

Step 1: The bottom of this guy is Rakarth Flesh, the scales are Incubi Darkness.

Step 2: I painted his mouth with Bugman's Glow. Then I washed the body with Coelia Greenshade. I washed the mouth with Leviathan Purple...Is it still called Leviathan Purple?

Step 3: I layered the scales with Sotek Green. I layered the underside with Ushabti bone.

Step 4: I highlighted the scales with Sybarite Green, and the underbelly with Screaming Skull. I drybrushed the scaly part of the underside with hellion green, and the mouth with underhive ash.

Finished! I think he looks pretty fearsome! The base is Incubi Darkness covered with 'Ard Coat.

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