Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WIP: Stormwall...nearly there

Maybe I am just getting better at painting these huge models, but he seems far easier to paint than the other colossals that I have tackled.

Blue: I cover about 50% of the blue areas with Teclis Blue.

I put a thin layer of Lothern blue around the Cygnus and the highest portion of the model.

I put a final highlight of Fenrisian Grey on the edges of the model.

Gold: I painted about 2/3 of the Cygnus with Tallarn Sand.

I added a drop of Reaper Palomino Gold into the Tallarn sand and painted about 50% of the Cygnus with it.

I mixed Palomino Gold and Linen White 50/50 and put an edge highlight on the Cygnus.

I decided that I didn't like the reflection line in the middle of the Cygnus, so I changed it later on.

Bronze I washed the Dryad Bark with Athonian Camoshade to set it apart from the gold areas.

I covered most of the bronze areas with Deathworld Forest.

I covered up most of the last step with Tallarn Sand.

I painted about 50% of the bronze areas with Balor Brown. Then I gave it a final highlight of Ushabti bone.

You can also see that I cleaned up the steel areas here with Eshin Grey.

Steel: I forgot to take a pic here. I painted 50% of the steel areas with Dawnstone. Then I put a wide highlight of Administratum grey inside the dawnstone.

A final highlight of Ulthuan Grey makes the steel pop.

He should be all done by tomorrow.

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