Monday, April 15, 2013

WIP: Stormwall

I apologize for being a lazy blogger over the weekend. Here is how the Stormwall has been progressing.

Primer Coat: Rustoleum Grey.

First Basecoat: I use an airbrush to paint the entire model with Reaper Rainy Grey. The airbrush is the best tool to get all of the nooks and crannies painted on a deep model like this. I am going to use the grey color for 2 different areas on the model, so this is going to save a step later on.

Washes: I wash all of the parts that will be steel with Nuln Oil. This gives a good foundation to build up some NMM over the Rainy Grey.

Basecoat: I basecoat the blue areas with The Fang, the khaki areas with XV 88, and the gold and bronze areas with Dryad Bark.

First Layer: I cover most of the khaki area with Tallarn Sand. I layer over most of the blue area with Alaitoc Blue. I use administratum grey over the rainy grey on the grey enameled areas.

Second Khaki Layer: I cover 50% of the khaki areas that are in the light with Karak Stone.

Khaki Highlight: I do edge highlighting on the khaki areas with Screaming Skull. The previous owner glued the chain guns in upside down....

More tomorrow...

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