Thursday, April 11, 2013

WIP: Stormwall

I was lucky enough to pick up a used Stormwall at my LGS the other day, and I finally got around to working on him last night. Whom ever had him before was apparently in love with super glue, and the base was covered with globs of it at least 1/8" thick. I tried to file it and chisel it, but gave up and bought a brand new base for my newest colossal. I am getting more into urban themed basing and terrain, so I made a khador base for the Stormwall to invade.

Step 1: I started out with an empty base. This is from Secret Weapon Minis.

Step 2: Using a compass, I made a rough circle of cork and drew some lines on it to simulate cracked concrete.

Step 3: I tore the cork into pieces. You may have noticed above that I didn't have a piece of cork large enough to make the base in 1 piece. I don't want a straight cut in the base, so I replaced those 2 pieces with whole ones.

Step 4: I cut out a Khador symbol from some plasticard

Step 5: I put the symbol in place, and drew lines to show where the cracks are.

Finished! I cut the plasticard in a jagged manner and then super glued it to the cork.

Tomorrow he will be basecoated!

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