Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Winterguard Painting Tutorial

I have been playing a Winterguard themed list lately based around an infantry swarm and a conquest, and it has been serving me pretty well. My Winterguard unit was painted back in Mark 1, and I wanted my Rifle Corp to match them. Since I hate stripping paint from minis, I ponied up the cash to buy the new plastic box of Winterguard.

Much of my Khador is painted with a dark blue scheme with red accents. I was never much for the all red studio scheme, so I had to come up with something new. Most of my painted Khador fit into the 'Walls Ahead, Rubble Behind' force from the faction book, so I thought that I would visually separate my new force from them. (If you haven't noticed, I like building fluffy armies...)

I looked back through history for inspiration for this new color scheme. I decided on basing their uniforms on the German Infantry uniform from WW2. A grey green (Field Grey is the actual name) uniform with light grey pants, black boots, and Khador red pauldrons. It would look good on the battlefield, and fit right in on my new rubble bases.

Since I was too dumb to have brought my Flames of War - Field Grey paint, I had to mix one up from my GW stuff. Although I hate mixing paint without dropper bottles, I am going to soldier on here.

My basecoat is Waaaagh Flesh. My first layer is Waaagh Flesh and Ulthuan Grey, and my highlight adds more Ulthuan grey to that mixture.

Here is the Color Triad. For secondary colors I am using Zandri dust for pouches and webbing, and Mechanicus Standard Grey for metal.

Step 1: I glued some bricks to the base. The red one is from Pegasus Hobby, the others are from Secret Weapon Miniatures. They sell a bunch of different colors, but I prefer to save the money and paint them different colors. It is much easier to harmonize the color with your mini that way.

Step 2: He is basecoated here. I was pretty scared at this point, but I have faith in my palette building skills.

Step 3: I gave everything but the greatcoat a wash of Agrax Earthshade.

Step 4: When you are experimenting with a palette, its best to get your biggest areas of color painted up first, that way you can see how they are going to affect the other colors.

Step 5: It looked like it was coming together there, so I drybrushed the rest of the details on the mini. the pouches got a drybrush of Underhive Ash, and the fur, hat, and boots got a drybrush of Etherium blue. The base got a drybrush of Longbeard Grey.

Step 6: I painted some highlights on the metal with Administratum Grey. I also touched up the face with Cadian Fleshtone and Kislev Flesh.

Step 7: I gave them some final highlights. I drybrushed Terminatus Stone on the base and the bottom of the model to add some dust.

Finished! I think they look pretty good. I am going to change the cuffs to the Field grey color, rather than the grey.

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