Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rocktop Roller

Everybody loves evil turtles. I am using the same color scheme on the turtles as I did on the fire beetle. These guys are pretty simple to paint.

Step 1: He is primed with a brush on primer.

Step 2: I basecoated him with The Fang, Death World Forest, and Naggaroth Night. The base is basecoated in Mechanicus Standard Grey.

Step 3: I washed him with Agrax Earthshade.

Step 4: For the first layer I painted the skin with Thunderhawk Blue, the claws and such with Ogryn Camo, and I overbrushed the shell with Xereus Purple.

Step 5: On the second layer I painted the skin with Russ Grey, the claws with Ushabti Bone, and overbrushed the shell with a light coat of Genestealer Purple.

Finished: I highlighted the skin with Fenrisian Grey, the claws with Screaming Skull, the flagstones with Administratum Grey, and I drybrushed the shell with Lucious Lilac. I painted in the eye with Abaddon Black and put a catch light in it with White Scar.

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